Interior Painting Projects

A quality interior paint finish, at a good value, is the minimum standard provided by our estimators and painters.  But we strive to go further, by keeping the work area clean, minimizing disruption of household activities and accomodating individual customer requests.  Our estimator determines the scope of work, understands any special circumstances and then recommends options.  Because it's your home, our skilled painters use extra caution and consideration.


Typical services are painting walls, ceilings and trim with latex, oil-based and specialty primers.  In some cases, only one paint coat is needed, which is more cost-effective for the customer.  If necessary, to ensure coverage, we will recommend two coats.  Painting new construction or remodeled surfaces may require backrolling to achieve a smooth finish and complete coverage of a pourous surface.  Paint products are applied with a brushing, rolling or spraying process.

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