Exterior Painting Projects


Exterior painting enhances visual appeal and prevents deterioration of windows, doors and siding.  Our estimators are results-oriented, rather than sales-oriented.  The estimator will first provide information, and second recommend appropriate products and services.  When our skilled painters complete the project, you will know that not only was the job was done right, but that the right work was completed.  Our goal is to provide value and protect your investment.

The most common products for outdoor use are acrylic, oil base, flat and satin paints. Our recommendations are based on cost, how well the surface will absorb the paint and exposure to weather elements.  The condition of the cement board, wood, vinyl or steel surface will deterimine the surface preparation method and painting process.  If acheiving the right accent, color, tone (shiny or flat) is important to you, it's important to us.   


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